Goodman Mississippi Hotels

Goodman, Mississippi is a small town located in the northern part of the state, in Holmes County and was settled by European Americans in 1860. The town is named for the first president of the Mississippi Central Railroad. As a small town, the availability of hotels might be limited. However, you may want to consider checking nearby towns and cities such as Durant, Williamsville or Canton, Mississippi which might have more options and availability of hotels.

What to do in and around Goodman, Mississippi?

  • Visit Rick’s Diner or The Melting Pot 2 LLC
  • There are some Museums in Canton, Mississippi
    • Museum of Mississippi History
    • Mississippi Civil Rights Museum
    • Canton Movie Museums
  • Exploring the outdoors: Goodman is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery, and there are opportunities for hiking, fishing, hunting, and wildlife viewing. The nearby Delta National Forest is a great place to explore and enjoy the outdoors.

(Photo: © formulanone / CC BY-SA 2.0)